The 300+ Members of the University Glee Club make up a diverse community, consisting of Active (Singing), Retired Active, and Associate Members.
Active (Singing) Membership
Active Membership in the University Glee Club is open to all men living in the New York City area who have some music reading ability and musical or choral experience. The UGC holds auditions for new Active Members at the beginning of each season (early October and early February).
Auditions for Active Membership
Each potential Active Member of the University Glee Club is evaluated individually according to his vocal range, pitch-matching ability, and basic sight-reading skill, demonstrated through a series of guided exercises and singing in a quartet (one verse) in his respective voice part of “Stars of the Summer Night,” for which words and music will be provided. The candidate should also be able to sing a short song of his choosing, preferably with piano accompaniment, but may be a cappella. Scheduling auditions in advance is highly recommended, but walk-in auditions are generally allowed if the audition schedule permits. Also, while sight-reading is important, it is not expected that all new Active Members will be excellent sight-readers. All singers interested in auditioning for the UGC are encouraged to attend the first rehearsal (or as early as possible). Visit our rehearsal schedule to find out more.
Associate (Non-Singing) Membership
The University Glee Club is fortunate to have the support of hundreds of non-singing members, fondly known as Associates. From its early days, the UGC received the generosity of such esteemed New Yorkers including Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, William B. Hornblower, and Mrs. J. Pierpont Morgan.
There are three levels of Associate Membership:
Social Associate Membership
includes four concert tickets a year, which can be used at either or both of the Winter and Spring concerts. Additional concert and Black-Tie Afterglow Gala tickets can be purchased. Annual Dues: $100
Sponsor Associate Membership
includes a total of four concert tickets and two Black-Tie Gala event tickets per year to be used at either one or both concerts. Additional concert and Gala afterglow tickets can be purchased. Annual Dues: $200
Patron Associate Membership
includes a total of four concert tickets coupled with four tickets to attend the Black-Tie Gala Afterglow event. Each year, there are two major Lincoln Center concerts, Winter and Spring, followed by a major Black-Tie Gala, which includes drinking, dancing and dining. The tickets can be used at either one or both concerts during the upcoming season. Additional concert and Gala afterglow tickets can be purchased. Annual Dues: $300
Additional Benefits
All levels of membership include the club’s weekly Afterglow Performance Series. Afterglows take place after Thursday night rehearsals during the Fall and Spring singing season and run 30 to 40 minutes in length. They feature a variety of musical entertainment: small collegiate a cappella ensembles, Broadway, Cabaret and Opera artists, and instrumental and dance performances. All club members, Actives, Associates and Retirees are encouraged to attend and to invite guests. Libations are available. All members of the Club are also invited to special events including Summerfest, Joe’s Night and the yearly Hambone Quartet Contest, and all the other concerts and charity events the club participates in throughout the city. Please be aware that the Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and can be used as a tax deductible contribution if the club benefits go unused.
Becoming an Associate Member
Get started now by completing theĀ Request for Associate Membership form, or contact our Director of Membership Adam Zamora at