Centennial Cup

Presented to the University Glee Club of New York City at its Centennial Gala – November 11, 1994 – The Pierre, New York City

In tribute to those who by their spirit, deeds, and devotion have helped to assure the successful completion of our second hundred years

Awarded bi-annually and to be retired in 2094 at the commencement of our third century.



Wesley W. Oliver 2017
Francisco Núñez & Jon Holden 2015
Philip S. Olick 2013
John Dorer 2011
Richard B. McGlynn 2009
Edward J. Greenberg 2007
Roger W. Englander 2005
George G. Nemeth 2003
L. Neiland Gallagher 2003
David Weild III 2001
Donald I. Selby 1998
William R. Soons 1998
Russell A. Ames 1996
John Low Baldwin 1994