Small Ensembles

There are two small ensembles within the UGC’s ranks. The Ten and the Crickets both sing a combination of a cappella music and a wide variety of material, from the secular and serious: glees and motets, sea chanteys and spirituals, rock & roll, blues, and jazz.


The Ten, foTheTenunded in 1978 when three prize-winning quartets banded together to perform more complex arrangements, regularly sing at benefits and other events. Recently, the group has traveled as far south as Maryland and as far north as the Adirondacks and northern Vermont. For more information, please contact Richard McGlynn (


The Crickets were founded in 1983 by members 2014_12_04_Cricketswho wanted to continue singing in the summer months while the UGC was on vacation. The group now sings year-round at various charitable and social functions, and consists of approximately a dozen singers. For more information, please contact Johnny Rabe (